How To Use This Handbook

This handbook is provided to all families participating in AYSO Region 0473 to provide you its rules and other important information. To make it as easy as possible for you to understand how AYSO works and what you need to know to participate, the handbook is divided into sections.

All parents should read the sections entitled "Principles of AYSO" and "Important Information for Parents". In addition, parents should take time (together with their children) to read the section "Important Information for Players". All families participating in Brooklyn AYSO should, at a minimum, read and comply with these sections of the handbook.

Other sections of the handbook are organized by job responsibility and as general reference material. You are encouraged to read the entire handbook. Coaches, Team Parents and Referees should be sure to read the appropriate sections of the handbook outlining their individual job responsibilities. Coaches and Referees should also read the section on Game Procedures.