Game Procedures

The following procedures will be followed for all games within Brooklyn Soccer:

Games in Brooklyn AYSO are played under:

  • FIFA Laws of the Game; as modified by
  • AYSO National Rules and Regulations

Games will start on time. If the previous game is running late, the Referee will conduct team inspections and the coin toss off the field, so that the teams are ready to start as soon as the field is available. If the game starts late, the Referee is to subtract time from each quarter so that the game ends prior to the scheduled starting time of the next game.

The Referee will conduct a team inspection a few minutes prior to the scheduled game time. This is also an opportunity for players to ask questions on rules or enforcement. Following the inspection, team captains (as designated by the Coach for each game) will be introduced to each other and to the Referee. The coin toss will take place, with the winning team choosing which goal to defend for the first half. The losing team will kick off to start the game.

Teams should rapidly take positions on the field following the joint toss. The Referee will ask the goalkeepers to ensure the team is ready to play, and then blow the whistle to commence the game.

The Referee will stop the game briefly, at a time roughly midway through each half, for "quarter" substitutions. Quarter substitutions should be simple and quick! Coaches are asked to avoid complicated position changes at the quarter break, and if possible to avoid goalkeeper changes at this time. Coaches may not enter the field during the quarter break, unless invited by the Referee. Have the players entering the game ready to go, and make sure they know what position they will be playing. Referees have the right to continue to run the clock during quarter substitutions, in order to keep following games on time.

Halftime will be approximately 5 minutes in duration. Coaches and parents should ensure that all players get plenty of water during halftime. The Referee will blow the whistle to signal the players back to the field. Once the whistle is blown, players should promptly return to the field and take their positions to play the second half. During the game, players may come to the sidelines for attention (such as a drink of water, asthma inhalers, etc.) while game play continues in another part of the field. In such situations, the player should remain standing on the field and any person assisting the player should remain off the field.

The Referee will blow the whistle to signal the end of the game. Following the end of the game, each team will form a line to shake hands with the other team.

Players and parents are reminded that the authority of the Referee begins when he or she enters the field and continues following the end of the game, and players may receive a red card for offensive language or violent conduct even though the game has ended. Following the game, Coaches and parents are encouraged to discuss with Referees any questions on the game, unless the Referee makes any indication that such discussions are not welcomed at that time. The Referee has the option of refusing such discussion, and this decision is to be respected by all parents and Coaches. During the game, the Referee is responsible for keeping the game flowing and will usually defer any discussion on rulings until after the game.

Referees are given full authority with respect to conduct of the game, including determining playing time, disciplinary measures (yellow cards or red cards), and suspending the game for field conditions, spectator behavior, or any other reason that in the Referee's judgment warrants such suspension.