Dispute Resolution

  1. General Policy - It is the policy of the Region to resolve all disputes involving players or adults in an amicable way. If disciplinary action is necessary, the minimum action necessary to address the matter will be taken.

  2. Procedure - If, during the course of a soccer season, it is determined that a person involved in the region needs to be disciplined or his or her participation in the Region limited or terminated, then the Regional Commissioner shall give written notice to such person of the region's intention to take action. Such notice shall specify the proposed discipline and the reasons therefore, and shall provide for a reasonable opportunity to contest the proposed action. The Regional Commissioner may appoint a disinterested committee to consider such discipline. Thereafter, the Regional Commissioner, after consulting with the Committee, shall issue to all concerned persons a written decision which shall be final and binding.

  3. Suspension - The Regional Commissioner may suspend a person involved in the Region from further involvement in the program if there is found to be an imminent danger to the program by his or her continuing involvement or if a crime has been alleged to be committed by such participant. Such a suspension must be followed by a disciplinary hearing described in Paragraph 2.

  4. Removal - The Regional Commissioner may remove a person (whether or not suspended) involved in the Region, including an Administrator, Coach, Referee or Parent from further involvement in the program on notice and after a determination is made that removal is appropriate, as the result of a disciplinary hearing described in Paragraph 2, if there is found to be (a) a violation of the National Regulations, principles or philosophy of AYSO or (b) conduct which disrupts the Region's activities or programs.

  5. Volunteer Rights - No volunteer has a right to be a volunteer. It is a privilege to be a volunteer. Accordingly, a volunteer may not be asked to be a volunteer for subsequent seasons upon the conclusion of any season. In such instances, the Procedure described in Paragraph 2 need not be followed.

  6. Confidentiality - The action of the Regional Commissioner and any committees with respect to disciplining a volunteer or not inviting a volunteer to serve in subsequent seasons shall be kept strictly confidential.