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Brooklyn AYSO is run completely by parent volunteers and depends on your help. All families are asked to fill at least one volunteer job, and many families fill two or more positions.

An important concept in AYSO is the “AYSO Team”. The AYSO Team is comprised of Coaches, Referees and Parents who unite to create a positive environment for kids to play soccer. Each part of the AYSO Team has important responsibilities to fulfill in order to ensure our children have a positive experience.

Parents are asked to keep the following points in mind:

  • All referees, coaches, administrators and other officials that you may meet in AYSO Region 0473 are volunteers. Almost all of them are parents of current or former players. Please keep in mind that our program can only be offered based on the efforts and goodwill of these individuals. Each of these individuals is just as busy as you are, yet has chosen to dedicate the time required to provide this program for the benefit of your children. We tolerate ABSOLUTELY NO antagonism or harassment towards any AYSO volunteer. If you have constructive criticism to provide, please think twice, then contact the appropriate league official (see "Who to Contact for Assistance" on previous page). With over 2,000 children on over 150 teams, AYSO Region 0473 simply does not have the ability to manage "special requests". Please learn to live with our rules and procedures. In extreme circumstances, requests for exceptions should be submitted to the Regional Commissioner in writing.
  • Requests to place your child on a particular team or in combination with his/her friends cannot be guaranteed except where (a) two siblings play in the same age group, or (b) for good cause shown. No child can play in a younger age group for any reason.
  • Please make sure your child gets to practice on time and with the proper equipment. Although we recognize that Brooklyn children have busy lives and sometimes will have conflicts, the primary instruction in soccer skills, strategy and teamwork will take place in practice, and your child will miss much of the value of our program if they do not attend practice on a regular basis. Please pick up your children from practice on time. Remember that AYSO is not a babysitting service. Practices are scheduled at the discretion of Coaches, and may be canceled at the Coach's discretion. Soccer is often played in the rain, or in cold, hot or windy conditions. Do not assume a game has been canceled unless you have been notified by the Team Parent or Coach. If you are not notified on game day, the game is on.
  • Your child needs appropriate equipment to play soccer safely. Each season your child will be provided a uniform by Region 0473 consisting of a shirt, shorts and socks. Other required equipment, to be provided by you, includes shinguards and a soccer ball for practice. Soccer balls come in different sizes and it is important that the child has the correct size ball for his/her Division, as follows: U-6 & U-8 use a Size #3 ball; U-10 & U-12 use a Size #4 ball; and U-14 and up use a Size #5 ball. Soccer cleats are strongly recommended, but sneakers are acceptable. If shoes have screw-in cleats, the stud must be part of the cleat, not the shoe. Baseball and football shoes have a front cleat which is dangerous and are not acceptable unless this cleat is cut off. Any shoe which is deemed unsafe by the game referee is not permitted.
  • As parents and spectators, please stay well back from the field of play. Players may briefly step off the field during active play and need room to maneuver. The Assistant Referee needs room to run along the touch line and to see the entire length of the field. Standing too near the field is not only inconsiderate, it is sometimes dangerous to yourself and to others. No one may stand behind the goals or behind the goal lines during play.
  • Soccer is a contact sport, and there are situations where a player may be knocked down, or appear to be tripped by an opponent. Although serious injuries are rare, bumps and bruises are common, and the Referee is responsible for determining whether continued play poses a danger of aggravating the injury. Play may be allowed to continue until a natural stopping point, and quite often the child will have recovered and be back in the game before play can be stopped. Please trust the Referee to recognize which situations are fouls and which are not, and which situations are dangerous and which are not. We are all concerned when a child goes down on the field, however no one is to go onto the field until the Referee requests assistance. When the Referee makes such a request, the child's Coach as well as the opposing Coach may attend to the player.
  • The use of tobacco products and alcohol is prohibited at all AYSO activities where children are present.
  • Unless you have signed up to coach, please do not actively coach during the games. AYSO has restrictions on where Coaches may be during games and what they might say, and you may be unaware of these restrictions. If you want to help out, please come to practice! If you wish to coach, contact us and we will see that your are properly trained.
  • Our custom is that during the season you will be assigned duties to help the team, which may include bringing refreshments for halftime, and after the game, etc. These activities are usually coordinated by the Team Parent, and it is expected that all parents will assist in these activities. Please help in cleaning up the remains of snacks and other trash left over after the game.
  • Please come to all games and cheer for the players for both teams. For parents of younger players, avoid the urge to be too demanding of your child; allow your child to enjoy the game at his/her own pace, and be tolerant of mistakes. Influence your child by cheering for the positive things, not dwelling on the negative. For parents of teenage players, recognize that your child still wants you to come and watch the game, even if they don't act like it. Keep the level of noise moderate.
  • Consider mistakes by Referees and other events which don't go your way to be opportunities to show your child how to handle misfortune with dignity and grace.
  • The parents are responsible for setting up the goals and putting lines on the field if their child's team plays the first game of the day. They are responsible for dismantling the goals and returning them to the fieldhouse if their child has the last game of the day.
  • If a game starts late, it must be ended early so that the next game does not start late. Games are assigned a time slot and are not guaranteed a certain number of minutes for playing time. The most frequent cause of late starts is the failure of parents to set the goals up promptly for the first game of the day. The Referees are authorized to shorten the quarters in order to allow the games to end on time. It is not guaranteed that each game will have four equal quarters, or even four quarters.