Important Information For Players

Welcome to Brooklyn AYSO Region 473! Whether this is your first year in soccer or you are a veteran player, we wish you a season of fun and excitement! It is important that you understand that your team will count on you to remember the following items:

First, we expect that you will have fun this season and make lots of new friends, both on the team you join and on other teams. You should be at each practice and every game, arriving on time and properly equipped. Your teammates and your Coach count on you to be there and to be prepared. If you cannot be at a practice or a game, you must call your Coach in advance! For all practices, you must wear your shinguards, soccer shoes (or sneakers), and long socks to completely cover the shinguards. Bring a ball and a water bottle. If the weather is cold, bring a sweatshirt.

For games, you must wear your full uniform including shirt, shorts, and socks. Socks must be on the outside of the shinguards (not underneath and then pulled down completely over the top). You may not wear a hat, bandana, knee or elbow pads (in some cases the referee may allow the goalkeeper to wear a hat, without a hard brim, or kneepads). Cycling or sliding shorts may be worn as long they are under the regular shorts and match the color of the shorts. If the weather is cold, the referee may allow players to wear sweatshirts underneath the uniform shirt.

Do not wear any jewelry to games or to practice. Players may not wear watches, necklaces, earrings, rings, friendship bracelets, hair beads & barrettes, or removable retainers. Pierced earrings are dangerous and not acceptable under any conditions (even if tape or band-aids are used to cover the earring). Do not choose to get your ears pierced during or before soccer season; you will have to remove the studs if you want to play!

If you wear glasses, you should also wear a retaining strap. If you wear hair clips, they must be soft (no hard metal or plastic). Long hair should be tied back with soft "scrunchies" or elastic bands. You may wear a knee brace or other type of support if your parents or doctor recommend it, but the brace must have no exposed metal or other hard surface that might be dangerous to you or to other players. The referee may inspect a brace before each game and decide whether to allow it. If you have a hard cast of any kind, you may not play soccer until it is removed and your doctor writes a note to league officials allowing you to play.

The referee will inspect your uniform and equipment before each game. Your shirt must be tucked into your shorts when you report for lineup. Remember that just because the last referee allowed you to wear something unusual does not mean that the next referee will do the same thing!

You may not chew gum or eat anything while you are playing, except during the half time break.

Always show respect to your teammates, your opponents, your Coach and the referee. The Laws of Soccer do not tolerate abuse of opponents, or arguing with the referee. Accept that the referee will sometimes make mistakes, just like you do.

It is the policy of Region 473 that a player who receives a red card shall be automatically suspended for the next game. Any player who receives a second red card in one season shall be automatically suspended for the remainder of the season, and may not, at the Regional Commissioner's discretion, be allowed to register in succeeding seasons.