Important Information For Parents

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Important Information For Parents
Kids Zone Parent Pledge
Kids Zone Parent Pledge (Spanish)

As a Team Parent you have an important role to play in the success of the team throughout the season. Your role is to support the Coach by organizing team activities. Keep in mind the following points:

Please take an active role in helping the Coach. The Coach's role is very time consuming and your help is important. Keep asking what you can do to help.

The Team Parent should organize a pre-season Parent's Meeting and, if desired, an end-of-season team party. Although it is not necessary, some teams agree with other parents on an appropriate token of thanks for the Coaches, to be presented at the end-of-season team party. The Region typically gives each coach an appropriate gift.

The Team Parent should verify with the Coach that there will be at least two adults at each practice and game. If only one Coach can be present, the Team Parent should attend or make arrangements for another adult to attend.

Please make sure that any trash (orange peels, paper cups, etc.) generated during a game is cleaned up before you leave the field.